5 Stunning Black Female Cosplayers

Create a better Instagram feed with these cosplayers. Recently cosplayers like Kiera Please and CutiePieSensei have given a voice to black female cosplayers. These women listed are showing anime fans that Cosplay can be black.


4 Stunning Black Female Cosplayers

From Essence "Black Female Cosplayers to Know" to Vice "Meet the Black Anime Cosplayers Blowing Up on Instagram," black cosplayers finally have a voice. Like with any other community, black cosplayers are often criticized.


"But, the character isn't black."

"But if I cosplay the character as myself, I'll be called racist."


Well, I am here to tell you if you haven't followed these women, your Instagram is missing impeccable content.

Kiera Please

You cannot start your cosplay journey without popping in on Kiera Please. World wide known cosplayer in the black community. Keep a watch on her; she posts her original songs that need to be added to your Spotify playlist.

Kiera Please Cosplay Side by Sides

Social Media

Instead of her Facebook, I decided to share her Spotify. 
This Black Cosplayer Is Breaking The Racial Boundaries Of Cosplay In  Amazing Ways | Bored Panda


Catching hearts on the daily, CutiePieSensei has become an anime jewel for the black community. 
Riju (Zelda BotW) awesome cosplay by CutiePieSensei! – Like For Real Dough


Social Media

C o s l a y :: @cutiepiesensei as Chocho :: Share and vote on the hottest  trends in cosplay!

Kay Bear


Standing 5'4 tall, Kay Bear has become our favorite fun-size cosplayer. Making everyone's list that steamer.


Goth Starfire Cosplay by Kay Bear | Cosplay outfits, Superhero cosplay,  Cosplay woman

Social Media




Midnight from My Hero Academia by Kay Bear - Imgur

Panterona Cosplay

Giving hope to black cosplayers around the world, Panterona has made a name for herself. Coming from the Caribbean islands, she adds an extra flavor boost to the already booming list of cosplayers

cosplayvcharacter hashtag on Twitter

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All Might genderswap, My Hero Academia - panteronacosplay | My hero  academia, Cosplay, Photo


Check back next Thursday for more Black Female Cosplayers.