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There are very few anime social media site out there but most of them didn't have much feature an anime social media should have. Here you're going to read about all those features on a single site.


There are very few anime social media sites out there and on top of that, they don't have many features that an actual anime social media should have. Many anime fans just use FacebookRedditInstagram as their anime community. But did they really have all the features an anime social media should have? Yes, of course, I am not telling these social media sites are bad. They are indeed one of the top social media out there but the problem is they don't all the features like blog, group, forum, pages, etc in one place.

Facebook, Reddit, Instagram all of them have one of the largest anime community. But today I going to tell you that you can have all of those features in one place and that is FoNime. Today I am going to tell you about all the top features this anime social media site has to offer.

Home Page of FoNime


When you first sign up on this website you are going to redirect to its News Feed where you can see the posts users shared. If want you can see posts globally or you can "People I Follow" this will enable you to see the posts of users that you follow. If you like you can even save a post and you can see it later the "Saved Posts" sites. You can also create Albums here. Pretty nice, right? But if you think that's all then you're wrong, the features are just started.

This site also has a "Night Mode" Feature. You can see it below.

Home page of FoNime (Night Mode).

FoNime also has a point system. You can call it "FN" points or "F" points. These points you can earn from like, comment, creating a blog, and many more. For now, you can create using these points to boost your profile or site here or you can just send as a gift to others. Also, you can't spend the points directly. When you earn points, it will auto convert in dollars and you can use that. The points are mostly FoNime use for many security purposes.

Let's categorize the feature and tell you about it in detail.


FoNime Community features

Events:- There are many anime events every year and you can create an event here. You can create one for popular anime release, get together, and more.

Forum:- You can discuss here about anime. You can talk about the release date of your favorite anime or stuff like recommendation for anime. I don't have to tell you much about what people do in a forum cause most of you already know.

Groups:- That's one of the popular features in Facebook that anime fans use and of course FoNime provided that feature here as well. You can create a group and you can just start sharing your favorite anime memes, photos, videos here.

Chat and Group Chat:- You can chat with people and you can also create a group chat system where you can add friends to chat here.

Pages:- This is also one of the popular features provided on Facebook and you can find it on as well. You can just create a business or personal pages here.


FoNime Blog

Blog:- Many anime fans wanted to create their own blogs. And you can just start here. You can read blogs other created or just create one.


FoNime Explore

Popular Post:- You can see the most popular posts here.

Games:- Your can play games here.

Memories:- If you created a post here on this site and if you have any memories then it will show the next year the very same day.

Find friends:- You can find friends that are nearby.

Anime and Movies/Watch Anime:- You can watch anime and anime movies here. And its safe cause all of them are collected from popular social media. The library is not big but all of them from sites like YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, etc.

Common Things:- It will show you people who have common things matching you.


FoNime Security

If you talk about the security of FoNime, I can say its too high. Your personal information is safe here. But if you do any spammy activity it will ask for verification, also if you keep doing spammy things then your account might get temporary or permanently blocked. If people try to login to your account from another location, it will auto ask for verification before login, so your account is safe here. You can also enable two-factor verification here.

There are so many features left that I didn't introduce yet. I recommend you just try it once. I am sure most of you people gonna to like it.


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Carla Marie 1 month ago

I am so excited to see what the future has to hold for FoNime

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mayur Shinde 1 month ago

iindeed you the best

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