Terms of Use

Terms Of Use

1. We don't support pornographic image or video. If you ever see one report it, we'll remove it as soon as possible.
2. We don't accept any illegal activities like sharing video or image or any other content without proper content and spamming. If you find one report immediately.
3. You can upload any type of content but the majority of your content must be anime, anime music or anime movie related because this social media dedicated to anime fans. So, if you are only posting content which is not related to anime, you might get banned.
4. Making religious problem is against our policy. So, if you found someone report immediately.
5. Because we accept people with different age along with children over 13, we can not allow all post publicly. Hentai, Uncensored, any other adult image or video or any other content can not be post publicly. As long as its original or copy free and its not too revealing you can use it on private adult only group with related topic. But if we find anything that is not appropriate for all age and if you post it publicly, the post will deleted and the account will be temporarily or permanently banned.
6. You can not use hurtful words towards others.
7. Making political problem is against our policy.
8. You will earn point by like, unlike, react, comment, creating article and can use the point to promote your site or your profile. But to gain point fast you can not comment or create article which has no value. Do not just comment randomly. Comment and write article like a real person with full of value. Or else you might temporarily get banned to access few features.
9. For now we only allow video less 50 MB. We'll increase it in near future.
10. You can not upload a copyrighted video more 5%-10% of the original video. As long as you cut the video 5%-10% it will fine. But if anime is not even allow 5%-10% and got reported by the original owner, your video will be deleted.

We are updating our Terms of Use regularly. So, we might change or add anything here.